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Useful links to burns support groups and patient resources



Young Adult Burns Group

YABASW is a closed group for people 18 and over who have survived a burn injury. Volunteer/adults who work with young adults following a burn injury are also welcome to join. It is a self help support group. This page is for advertising events and for young adults to talk and discuss with each other in a safe environment


Supporting Children With Burns

Who is this website for?
This website contains information to help support parents or carers of children and young people who have experienced a burn injury of any kind or size. When a burn injury happens to someone you care about it can be as distressing for you as it is for them. This website is not just for parents whose child has had a major burn, as we know that it can be a difficult experience for parents regardless of how big the burn was, or whether or not a hospital stay or surgery was required. Other adults, such as grandparents, might also find this resource helpful.

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