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Survival Weekend

FAB took five brave young people to TT Adventures for a weekend surviving in the wilderness of the Forest of Dean with Tim Treloar (Bear Grylls’ mate!). During a summer of record-breaking good weather, we had probably the wettest weekend of the year with almost non-stop rain. When we arrived, we were handed 3 lengths of rope and a couple of pieces of tarpaulin. We were shown how to tie a couple of basic knots and then had to build our own shelters. The girls were lucky enough to sleep in the sturdy shelter that Tim made but the boys decided to try a unique ‘shent’ design – part shed, part tent. This didn’t work and after several revisions they managed to construct a pretty impressive dry shelter. Matt and I, the responsible adults, thought that we’d create a luxury tarp tent complete with an indoor plant to keep it smelling fresh, but we were springing a leak somewhere and ended up ditching the ground sheet as its only function seemed to be to collect water around our bedding.

All campers had to forage in the rain for the driest sticks to make a fire for warmth and to cook our food. We learnt about different ways to start a fire, and also what the forest could provide for us in terms of fuel for the fire, food, and first aid. We learnt how to navigate using OS maps and compasses, how to pace 100 meters accurately, and a bit about archery (although we didn’t have to hunt for our own burgers). After a long hike to demonstrate our navigation skills, some tests of our map knowledge in the forest, and a night outside in the rain under a tarp without complaint, Tim was so impressed with everyone that we were all awarded a National Navigation Award. This is a nationally recognised award and the first time the young people of FAB have come away from a camp with an official qualification. Well done guys. I for one had a great time and can’t wait for the next camp!

Jen, FAB Volunteer


Fun for all the family


Thank you so much to all the families who came and joined us at the party, it was fabulous to see so many of you there! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did! Many thanks to Happy Days Charity who funded the pantomime. Happy Christmas everyone xx

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What a fantastic turn out for 2017 Fab Christmas party. 14 families travelled to Bristol from from as far away as Hampshire Cheltenham and Gloucester. 
The production of Cinderella by Garry Star touring pantomimes captivated the audience young and old with their story line with somewhat unique characters ( first ever “Buttons” played by a dog) jokes, dancing and musicality.
The usual mayhem followed, a healthy spread of food, craft activities, raffle and not to forget our lovely talented face painters Rhian and Nicola.
An action packed afternoon of fun and opportunity for families to meet up. Thank you to all the families for making the effort to come and for all your positive feedback and suggestions.
So a date for your diaries, Christmas Party 2018, Saturday 8th December! Jack and the Beanstalk.

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